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PDA Tilemanager is a program to download and manage OpenStreetMap (OSM) MapTiles with your Windows Mobile PDA.

For my cycling activities I use a program named Run.GPS which can display a map with your current position and the route you are driving. Run.GPS can use OSM tiles for displaying its map. For this you can download the map tiles from within Run.GPS but it is not very comfortable if you want to download all map tiles along a route.

For this purpose I wrote PDA Tilemanager. It can read a GPX file with a route and then downloads all map tiles along this route. Additionally you can download a rectangular or circular area entered manually.
It can be used with many other programs which use OSM map tiles as for example OSMTracker.

The program requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or above to be installed.


If you find the program useful and use it regularly please make a donation. Thank you very much.


If you find any bugs or want to contact the author please mail to: pdatm@amberhome.de

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