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With the maps.xml configuration file you can add other sources for map tiles to PDA Tilemanager (and Run.GPS since PDA Tilemanager uses the same file for configuration as Run.GPS). Here you can find some configurations that are quite interesting.


Homepage: www.openstreetmap.org

This is the default and standard tileserver for OpenStreetMap. This configuration is already in the provided maps.xml file.

TileURL: http://tile.openstreetmap.org/$z/$x/$y.png

Extension for maps.xml: openstreetmap.xml


Homepage: www.openstreetbrowser.org

This is a very nice map. The tiles are rendered on demand so it is a bit slow and you sometimes get a 404 error as response if the calculation of the tiles is not fast enough. But if you try to download the tiles again later you will get them.

TileURL: http://www.openstreetbrowser.org/tiles/base/$z/$x/$y.png

Extension for maps.xml: openstreetbrowser.xml


Homepage: www.opencyclemap.org

This is a map especially for cyclists with many cycle ways and height information.

TileURL: http://andy.sandbox.cloudmade.com/tiles/cycle/$z/$x/$y.png

Extension for maps.xml: opencyclemap.xml


Homepage: www.openpistemap.org

This is a map especially for skiing. The example is not very well choosen so it looks nearly like the original OSM example.

TileURL: http://openpistemap.org/tiles/contours/$z/$x/$y.png

Extension for maps.xml: openpistemap.xml

Google Maps

Images Copyright by Google
Homepage: maps.google.com

Google maps is one of the best known sources for map tiles. The problem is that the license for Google Maps does not allow to download map tiles without using the Google Maps API. So it is not guaranteed that these URLs will work in the future.

Additionally you should be careful with downloading a large number of tiles at once because Google will block your IP-Adress if you try to abuse their tileservers.

Be aware that PDA TileManager always saves its files with the extension .png even if the files really are JPEG files (for Google Sat and Topo Maps). Run.GPS can use them this way but many other software has problems with the wrong extension. In the future I will add an option to use the correct extension when downloading files.

TileURL (Street): http://mt0.google.com/mt?v=w2.92&hl=de&x=$x&s=&y=$y&z=$z&s=

TileURL (Sat): http://khm0.google.com/kh?v=33&hl=de&x=$x&s=&y=$y&z=$z&s=

TileURL (Topo): http://mt0.google.com/mt?v=app.87&hl=de&x=$x&s=&y=$y&z=$z&s=

There are always 4 tile servers named mt0 to mt3 and khm0 to khm3. PDA TileManager supports only one tile server at the moment.

Extension for maps.xml: googlemaps.xml

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